The accepted paper published in IEEE
  7 - 9 January 2018 @ Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Paper ID Title
003 Study on Appearance of Beta Motion in Peripheral Vision
004 Study on the Degree of Memory of Facial Contents
005 Study of Visual Phenomena in Edge Blur
007 Lossless Two-Layer Coding for HDR Images
008 Joint, Space and Volume study by Interactive Cube Puzzle
009 Quantitative Analysis of Aroma Components by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and its Subjective Evaluation for Olfactory Media Content
010 Low complexity reference frame selection in QTBT structure for JVET future video coding
011 Random-valued Impulse Noise Removal Using Non-local Search for Similar Structures and Sparse Representation
012 Visualization of Color Transfer between Images in RGB Color Space
013 Efficient MIMO Video Transmission Scheme for the Scalable Video Coding Extension of HEVC
014 Backward Recognition System For Wheelchair User Using RGB-D Sensor
015 A Method to Read Numbers in Thai Nutrition Facts Label by using SVM
016 A Study on Object Detection Method from Manga Images using CNN
018 Automatic generation of realistic connetion between arbitrary CG motions using convolutional filter
019 Three-dimensional shape reconstruction from a single image based on feature learning
020 Proposal of local feature vector focusing on the differences among neighboring ROI's.
021 AR sightseeing system with proximity detection and markerless AR
022 Large Lung Specimen Imaging Full-Field Micro-CT Using a High-Megapixel Single Lens Reflex Camera and Synchrotron Radiation
023 Data hiding technique for omnidirectional JPEG images displayed on VR spaces
024 A Study on Pseudo Stereoscopic Vision from a Piece of Human Group Picture
025 Estimation of Facial Motions in Lectures from Degraded Video Considering Privacy
026 Depth Estimation from Tilted Optics Blur by Using Neural Network
027 A Contrast Restoration Method for Effective Single Image Rain Removal Algorithm
029 Simulating a Stacked-Layer Light-Field Display Using Orthographic/perspective View Models
030 A SVM-Based Diagnosis of Melanoma Using Only Useful Image Features
031 A performance evaluation of keypoints detection methods SIFT and AKAZE for 3D reconstruction
033 Squat Movement Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
034 Free Viewpoint Video Generation System Using Visual Hull
035 A Study on Blind Image Restoration of Blurred Images using R-map
036 A Despeckling Method Using Stationary Wavelet Transform and Convolutional Neural Network
037 A Novel Method to detect the Static Subtitle using the Saliency Map
038 Speckle Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Images using SRAD and Guided Filter
039 A Study on Conference System with 3DCG Using Digital Pen and Dot Screen
040 How does the transformation of an avatar face giving a favorable impression affect human recognition of the face?
041 Sports Skill Frequency Analysis with Motion Image Data
042 A Comparative Study of Image Quality Assessment
043 An Examination of Perception of Grasping a Virtual Object in Barehanded Interaction
044 An Examination on Effective Auditory Stimulation When Grasping a Virtual Object with a Bare Hand
045 Development of a Japanese Calligraphic Brush Writing Simulation System Using Leap Motion
046 Improved Peer Review Support System Using WebGL for Practical Work with CG Content
047 Development of a Support System for Holding Chopsticks Correctly
048 Illumination Estimation Based on Human Visual Characteristics for AR
049 Efficient Pedestrian Scanning by Active Scan LIDAR
050 ImageRestorationbasedonWeightedAverageof MultipleBlurredandNoisyImages
051 Effects of Visual Noise on Depth Perception in Landscape Images
052 VAIR - Mobile VR Shooting without HMD
053 A Route Guiding System for Visually Impaired Persons using a Hyper-directional Speaker
055 An Edge Optimization Method Based on Segmented Surfaces of Stone Flakes
056 A Vehicle Image Tracking Method Robust to Size Reduction and Partial Color Change
057 Mobile Vehicle Crash Detection System
058 A Study of 3D Model Construction Method with Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning
059 Optimal frequency characteristics of a car audio system under the traveling noise
060 Generation of High-resolution and High-precision Depth Image
061 Depth from Defocus Technique by Mutual Refocusing
062 Shoes Recommendation System Based on Clustering of 3D Shoes Data
064 Body Posture and Face Orientation Estimation by Convolutional Network with Heterogeneous Learning
065 Potential Improvement of CNN-Based Colorization for Non-Natural Images
066 Dynamic Projection Mapping onto Non-rigid Objects with Dot Markers
067 Pedestrian Detection from Sparse Point-Cloud using 3DCNN
068 Development of a Earthquake Simulator on a Smartphone
069 A Single, Triple Chaotic Cryptography Using Chaos in Digital Filter and Its Own Comparison to DES and Triple DES
070 Personalized Mobile Learning for Digital Literacy Enhancement of Thai Youth
071 A Fast Animation Generation System for ComputerGenerated Hologram Using Ray-Tracing Method
072 Analysis of the Relationship between Cerebral Blood Flow and Preference while Viewing Different Image Contents Associated with Emotions
073 Improving SHVC Performance with a Block based Joint Layer Prediction Solution
074 Base Layer Constrained Error Concealment Solutions for Robust SHVC Video Transmission
075 Examination of the Visibility of Car Mounted Display in Car Navigation System
076 Examination of the Individual Differences under the Same Image Viewing Environment by using NIRS
077 Scene Flow from Stereo Fisheye Images
079 Measurement of the difference of the cerebral blood flow while viewing image contents by using different displays
080 Rainfall Intensity Estimation from Sound for Generating CG of Rainfall Scenes
081 A Method of Defect Extraction for Point Clouds
083 Subjective Evaluation of Speckle Noise in Electro-Holography
084 Lossless Coding of Light Field Camera Data Captured with a Micro-lens Array and a Color Filter
085 Improvement of Fall Detection Using Consecutive-frame Voting
086 Product Quantization of Reference Frames for Fast Motion Detection at a Decoder Side
087 A Study of Geometric Shape of Polygons for Additive Manufacturing
088 Efficient Virtual View Rendering by Merging Pre-rendered RGB-D Data from Multiple Cameras
089 HDR Video Super-Resolution for Future Video Coding
090 Smart Eye-Tracking System
091 On a Screen Utilizing Cavity Bubble as a Display of Holographic Projected Images
092 A Corrosion and Deformation Simulation Method of 3D Iron Objects based on Voxel Automaton
093 Consideration of the Effect of Preference for Image Contents using Apparent SpO2
094 NoiseRemovalbasedonSurfaceApproximationof ColorLine
095 An Accelerated Super Resolve Stood on Manufactured Edge Component and An Adaptive Leclerc Function
096 Determining Robot Grasping-Parameters by Estimating “Picking Risk”
097 Detection Skin Cancer Using SVM and Snake Model
098 Edge-based Object Tracking for Dynamic Projection Mapping
099 Embedded Photographic Tomography
100 Shape Feature Analysis for Different Shape Detection of Computer Sketch
101 Full Color 3D Point Clouds from Bird's-eye View Using Multi-view Laser Scanner and Quadcopter
102 Flexible Flight Navigation for Quadcopters Based on Geometric Formation Using Motion Sensing
103 Myanmar Character Extraction from Vehicle Images Using Aspect Ratio and Bounding Box
105 Robust 3D Reconstruction with Omni-directional Camera based on Structure from Motion
106 View Interpolation using Neural Network for Fullsphere 3D Telepresence
107 Embedded Foot Plantar Classification System Using Raspberry Pi
108 Shape Feature Analysis for Different Shape Detection of Computer Sketch
109 An Extended Modeling Method of Optical Illusion Objects in General Rendering Environments
110 Effective Contact Method without Lateral Inhibition in Virtual Force Perception Device
111 Age and Gender Classification Using Wide Convolutional Neural Network and Gabor Filter
112 Initial Depth Estimation using Adaptive Window Size with Light Field Image
113 Easy Multi-Projection System over a Whole Indoor Space
114 Decomposition-based Multiscale Compressed Sensing
115 Histogram Equalized DeepPCA with ELM Classification for Expressive Face Recognition
116 Hierarchical Human Motion Recognition By Using Motion Capture System
117 Extraction of Nostril Regions using Periodical Thermal Change for Breath Monitoring
118 An Expression Model of Blood Drying Process Based on SPH Method
119 Image Montage for Constructing Photorealistic Virtual World from Different Real Scene Images
120 A Hardware Implementation for Real-Time Lane Detection using High-Level Synthesis
121 Development of a Website for Posting Paper Craft Making after Workshops
122 Customer and Target Individual Face Analysis for Retail Analytics
125 Noise Level Detection in General Video
126 Helmet Violation Processing Using Deep Learning
127 Increasing Efficiency in Wind Energy Electricity Generating by Signal Processing from Wind Measuring Equipment on Wind Turbine for the Determination of Wind Direction
129 Upper Body Action Classification for Multiview Images using K-means
130 Redundancy Path Implementation for Schedule Traffic
133 Robust Gait Identification with Belongings From Back View
134 Linear View Interpolation from Defocused Stereo Images for Multiple-Depths Scenes
135 An Improved Style Transfer Approach for Videos
136 SVM Ensemble Approaches for Improving Texture Classification Performance Based on Complex Network Model with Spatial Information
137 Image Classification using Deep Learning Algorithm for Thyroid Imaging
138 Image Dehazing Method by Fusing Weighted Near-Infrared Image
139 EMOS-Based Spatio-Temporal Rate Control Technique for 4K60P Videos
140 A study of the influence of video quality on Apparent SpO2
141 A Novel Method For Designing Compressed Sensing Matrix
143 Temporal Video Alignment Based on Integrating Multiple Features by Adaptive Weighting
144 A Video-Based Abnormal Human Behavior Detection for Psychiatric Patient Monitoring
145 A Method of Padding Inactive Region for Sphere Segmented Projection of 360 Video
146 Feature Classification of Heart Rate Variability Depending on Difficulty Levels of a Puzzle Game
147 A Scrambling Technique Embedding Soundtracks into Videos for Streaming Media
148 A Book Reading Magnifier for Low Vision Persons on Smartphones and Tablets
149 Parallelized and Vectorized Implementation of DCT denoising with FMA instructions
151 Block-based Interpolation Filter in Video Coding
153 TV Show Template for Text Generated TV
154 Puppet Animation with Textured Billboards
155 Distributed Compressed Hyper spectral Image Sensing Using ADMM
156 Pose Alignment for Different Objects using Affordance Cues
158 Using Multi-layer Random Walker for Image Segmentation
159 Sleep Posture Classification with Multi-Stream CNN Using Vertical Distance Map
160 Player Pose Analysis in Tennis Video based on Pose Estimation
161 Age and Gender Estimation using Deep Residual Learning Network
162 Near-IR Material Discrimination Method by Using Multidimensional Response Variables PLS Regression Analysis
163 Automated Classification of Skull Deformity in 3D Head CT Images using Regional Shape Information
164 A Performance Evaluation of Defect Detection by using Denoising AutoEncoder Generative Adversarial Networks
165 Vehicle Detection using Simplified Fast R-CNN
166 L0 norm restricted LIC with ADMM
167 A K-medoids based Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
168 An Energy Efficient Fuzzy Cluster Head Selection Algorithm for WSNs
169 An efficient orthorectification of a satellite SAR image used for monitoring occurrence of disaster
170 Proposal of Sub-optimum Algorithm for Trellis-based SLM Reducing PAPR of FBMC-OQAM Signals
171 Multi-view 3D CG Image Quality Evaluation and Analysis for Application Procedure between H.265/HEVC and Watermarking
172 Projection Reversibility Principle and Its application to Projection Corrections
173 Region of Interest of Human Lumbar Spine Segmentation using Geometric Triangular Analysis
174 Improved method of reducing mismatching in manifold template matching
176 Effective Shot-based Keyframe Selection by using Image Quality Evaluation
177 Human Fall-down Event Detection Based on 2D Skeletons and Deep Learning Approach
178 Hyperspectral Restoration based on Total Variation Regularized Low Rank Decomposition in Spectral Difference Space
179 An Adaptive Search Range Decision Algorithm for Parallel Motion Estimation
180 Measurement of Planar Clothes Using Level Set Method for Automatic Inspection
181 Adaptive K- means Image Segmentation Based on Meta Heuristic Algorithm
182 Real time Automatic Object Detection by using Template Matching for Protecting Pipelines
183 Detecting and Imaging Irregularities in Time-series Data
184 Diminishing Unwanted Objects Based on Object Detection Using Deep Learning and Image Inpainting
185 Face Retrieval in Face Track using Sparse Representation
186 Automated Vertebral Pose Segmentation based on Level Set Method and Bone Geometric Analysis
187 Segmentation of Optic Disc and Cup in Fundus Images using Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
188 Robust and Efficient Techniques for Texture-less Object Recognition
189 Fist American Sign Language Recognition Using Leap Motion Sensor
190 SUPER: A New Preprocessing Method for Quantitative Susecptibility Mapping for MRI
191 Fast Satellite Streak Detection for High-resolution Image
192 Real Catcher View Image Generation Method For Baseball Contents
193 Automatic Microaneurysms Detection on Retinal Images Using Deep Convolution Neural Network
194 Mass Detection on Automated Breast Ultrasound Volume Scans Using Convolutional Neural Network
195 Automatic Lyrics Classification System Using Text Mining Technique
196 Building Automation System for Energy Saving Using The Simple PLC and VDO Analytic
197 Detection and Classification of Lung Abnormalities by Use of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Regions with CNN Features (R-CNN)
198 Digital Image Encoding Scheme using Fractal Approach
199 Image feature conversion of pathological image for registration with ultrasonic image
200 Virtual surgery system for abdominal organs based on VR helmet
201 Deep Learning-Enabled Scan Parameter Normalization of Imaging Biomarkers in Low-Dose Lung CT
202 Image Watercolorization Based on Color Intensity Alteration
203 Novel methods for metal artifact reduction in x-ray tomography
204 Analyzing 3D Cell Data of Optical Diffraction Tomography through Volume Rendering
207 Quality Assessment of Thai Rice Kernels Using Low Cost Digital Image Processing System
208 An Implementation of Automatic Container Number Recognition System
218 Fuzzy membership function optimization for smart LED lamp using particle swarm optimization
220 Analysis of Emotional Expression by Visualization of the Human and Synthesized Speech Signal Sets
221 A Detection Method of Web Authentication Problems for Mobile Devices Corresponding to IEEE 802.11ac
222 Real – time Two Hand Gesture Recognition with Condensation and Hidden Markov Models